Adjustment of Status

People that have already traveled to the United States on a temporary basis are allowed the opportunity to apply for permanence, as long as they meet the qualifications for a certain green card. This is called adjustment of status, which was established by the Immigration & Nationality Act (INA). The INA also offers an opportunity for people outside the country to apply for permanent residency, which is called consular processing.

Adjustment of status will take into account certain parts of your personal history, such as health, wealth, family, politics, crimes, and any other places you have lived. The requirements for eligibility are so strict because it essentially allows people that have previously been accepted into the US the ability to gain permanency without applying for a traditional immigrant visa. The total cost associated with filing the Form I-485 is $1,070. This may differ depending on your specific circumstances—e.g. age.

Steps for Adjustment of Status in the United States

  • 1) Determine Your Basis to Immigrate
    • Family Based
    • Employment Based
    • Special Classes of Immigrants
    • Humanitarian Programs
  • 2) File the Immigrant Petition
  • 3) Check Visa Availability
  • 4) File Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residency or Adjust Status
  • 5) Go to your Application Support Center appointment (fingerprints)
  • 6) Go to your interview (if applicable)
  • 7) Get your final decision in the mail

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