US Citizenship through Marriage

To gain citizenship through marriage the US citizen first applies for his-or-her spouse’s immigrant visa. The US Consul will require a couple things. First, proof of the good faith of the marriage is required to gain citizenship. Next, the US citizen must submit an affidavit of support. Last, the spouse must pass all police clearances and medical test results. If the applicant committed a crime or overstayed their visit in the US, it may affect the immigration process.

Once the application is filed with the Consulate the application will be reviewed to make sure all necessary documentation has been provided. The Consulate will then call the applicant for an interview. At the interview and the approval, the Consulate will provide a sealed envelope to be delivered to the US Immigration on arrival in the US, which must be within 4 months of the interview. If the couple has been married fewer than 2 years, provisional residence will be granted, and if they have been married for more than 2 years, a permanent green card will be issued.

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