US Citizenship – Naturalization

Naturalization is the process of gaining US citizenship by a person who was not previously a citizen of the United States. Once an applicant completes the naturalization process they often obtain most of the rights of a natural born citizen. In the US applicants are required to have been a permanent resident for at least 5 years, meet all other eligibility requirements, and promise to obey and uphold all laws.

In the United States you may qualify for naturalization if you meet all other eligibility requirements and:

  • You have been a permanent US resident for at least 5 years.
  • You have been a permanent resident for 3 years as a spouse of a US citizen.
  • You have qualifying service in the US armed forces.

To become a citizen after birth, you have the following options in the United States:

  • Apply for acquired citizenship through parents.
  • Apply for naturalization.

It’s important to consider working with an immigration attorney when dealing with US citizenship issues and applying for naturalization. They will make sure your application gives you the highest chances for approval. Contact our firm with any questions and he will provide you with the individual attention and service you deserve.

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