EB3 Labor Certification Visa

Third preference visas are for workers with labor certification. These people can either be skilled, professional, or unskilled if the United States does not have sufficient qualified workers in their trade. It is necessary to have a job offer and either prove that you are experienced in a field or have a US degree or foreign equivalent. In certain cases, you will need evidence that qualified workers such as yourself are not currently available in the country.

The EB-3 Labor Certification Visa can only be obtained by having your employer correctly fill out and submit a Form I-140 Petition for Alien Worker and they must be able to demonstrate with documentation their ability to pay you the agreed upon wage. Generally, this must come alongside your approved individual certification Form ETA-9089 from the Department of Labor. However, there are some cases in which an uncertified version of this form will be considered by the USCIS without significantly decreasing the chances that your application will be approved.

Spouses and children under 18 will be eligible for admission into the country as either E34/E35 or EW4/EW5. Husbands and wives will be eligible to submit a Form I-765 to obtain EAD, or employment authorization document.

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