Green Card Through Employment

US Immigration Lawyer - Juan C. Perez

People working in the United States can obtain a green card through their job. Each year, there are 140,000 spots for permanent residency made available to these people. There are different employment-based categories under which someone must be qualified in order to be considered eligible by the USCIS. Speak with Attorney Juan C. Perez about your specific situation to determine whether or not you fall into any of these baskets and how to apply for immigration accordingly.

Depending on which category you match for green card employment, you may need your employer to help you complete the process. In certain cases, they will be required to work with the US Department of Labor to gain a PERM application approval. This labor certification process will indicate that honest efforts have been made and failed in trying to find a domestic worker for the job in question.

Hiring a lawyer that specializes in immigration law is the best way to make sure an employment green card is successfully obtained in a timely fashion.

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