Green Card Through Marriage

US Immigration Lawyer - Juan C. Perez

Marriage can help people gain permanent residency in the United States. Although there are generally annual quotas to which immigration applicants must adhere, spouses of U.S. citizens can surpass the period of time in which others will need to wait for a visa number. This is because they are considered to be immediate relatives. Thus, marriage green cards can be obtained by having the US spouse submit a petition and the other submit an application. Applicants in the country can apply for an adjustment of status, whereas others must seek consular processing.

Attempts to obtain a green card through fraudulent marriage is illegal. Any couple whose wedding was less than two years ago may have their application looked at with extra scrutiny. The USCIS takes these situations very seriously and does everything possible to make sure no one gains residency accordingly.

Consulting with an immigration lawyer will help you get the best sense of what you will need to apply for and how long the process might take. They will make sure that you apply correctly in the way that will give you the highest chances for receiving approval.

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