International Adoption

International adoption is the process of adopting a child living outside the US, and bringing that child to live with you permanently in the United States. International adoption differs from the domestic process because other countries are involved in the process, and many laws must be considered before a child can legally live in the United States. International adoptions are governed by the laws of both countries involved, meaning the country where the child lives and the country where adoptive parents live.

There are two processes that govern international adoption in the United States. The Hague Convention process was adopted in 1993, and established international standards for adoption among countries who have joined the convention. The non-Hague Convention process occurs when the child lives in a country that is not a member of the Hague Convention. Generally speaking, parents who wish to adopt children from outside the US receive more protections when working with convention countries.

It’s important to remember international adoptions concern countries other than the United States. Although the process may seem like a daunting task, US families adopt children from other countries every year. As an Immigration Lawyer in Ann Arbor MI, we will help you understand your options and will give you the individual attention and service you deserve.

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